Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Weekend in Pictures

Saturday Day: Rally with the Rents. Photos courtesy of Jay!

Mythbusters Experiment!

My Favorite Signs!
I wish English Muffins were the Law!

The Rents!
Can you tell that I am my mother's daughter? Saturday Night: DuPont with the PT Crew. Photos courtesy of Mary!

Future DPT's

Cowgirl and Warrior!

Warrior and Chuck Norris

Wednesday Adams and Injured Ninja

Peruvian and Cowgirl

Chuck Norris's Hat...


Sunday: Marathon Watching with Cookie Monster! Courtesy of ME!

Here comes Mario and Luigi!

And there they go past mile 23! Go save Princess Peach!

We live right at Mile 23, which made watching the Marathon Super Easy! Crystal City really showed their support, there was a little festival and the development district even gave us great Cow Bells!

I am glad I went out to support all the runners. I really felt for them! Being at mile 23, Jay and I really saw some of them break down. We just kept on cheering! Only 3.2 more miles!

Watching the race really made me want to run next year... but we will have to wait and see.

Would you run the Marine Corps Marathon with me next year?