Saturday, October 30, 2010

Well Traveled Apple

FACT: I really like Braeburn Apples as my 10 a.m. work snack.

FACT: This apple is a little more well traveled than I am... I mean I am kind of surprised I could afford him. I can't afford to fly to New Zealand myself, but apparently I can buy an apple that flew to the US from New Zealand.

Something to think about next time you go to the grocery store. Who has traveled more, you or your food? and Where does your food come from? I try to buy local, but with a tight budget that does not always happen.

How do you feel when your food is more traveled than you are?

On to more exciting things than my apple...

Now that we are well into my planned Fall Races, I feel it is appropriate to write about my Winter Races.

I originally posted that I would run the Towson Turkey Trot. Well, like life, that plan has changed. Due to construction in my parents kitchen and a surprise day off, Jay and I have decided to go to Charleston for my first Southern Thanksgiving. While, I am sad that I will not be with my family for my favorite holiday, I am very excited to be included in Jay's.

Jay and my family celebrate holidays very differently. Mine are a whole extended family affair, while Jay's is usually all about his nuclear family. Regardless, this Thanksgiving will all about learning about others traditions and being thankful of my other family. That is what Thanksgiving is really what it is all about and I am very thankful to have Jay's family in my life.

Anyway, I was not going to let Thanksgiving to pass me by without running a Turkey Trot or Gobble Wobble. So, instead of running in the Baltimore cold, I will be enjoying a warm Thanksgiving running through historic Charleston in an Indian Costume! Yes, I will be running as an Indian and Jay a Pilgrim. Goal Time: 24 mins

December, unlike November, is looking a little more booked! I will be running two races, a week apart!

I have decided to run the Jingle All the Way 10k in DC. Goal Time: 50 mins


And I am still running the Celtic Solstice 5 mile Run with my high school friends! Goal Time: 45 mins

I still want to run a half marathon this spring. Suggestions?

What runs are you running this Winter?

I am off to the Rally for Sanity! A full review later this weekend!