Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This is my Hungry Face Pasta Hybrid

Let me start by thanking Theresa at This is my Hungry Face for encouraging my to enter the world of blogging. Second, let me thank her for her great and easy Italian Meals.

I was first inspired by her Spinach Stuffed Shells recipe. I loved the Stuffed Shells that they served in my elementary school lunchroom and my mom never made them at home. Anxious to relive those childhood memories, I promptly bookmarked her recipe.

Then, last week she posted her Vegetarian Lasagna Rolls with Butternut Squash Bechamel Sauce and I knew I had to try it ASAP.

I was not into the whole rolling lasagna noodles. Instead, I decided to follow her Vegetarian Lasagna Rolls with Butternut Squash Bechamel Sauce recipe almost to the T but used the filling in stuffed shells instead of rolling it in lasagna noodles.

It was delicious!!!!

The only thing, I would do differently when I make this recipe again (and yes, this recipe has been added to our list of staple dinners) is I will add a little salt to the Stuffed Shells filling. I substituted Chicken Rub (because that is what was in our cabinet) for Poultry Seasoning and I don't think it was salty enough.

The only other substitution I used was Pumpkin Pie Spice because I could not find the Nutmeg in our cabinet. This is a common problem in our corner spice cabinet and its organization has crept its way to the top of my To Do List.

This recipe is a must try. It was super easy and not too lengthy. Start to finish, this recipe took me 45ish moments. I put the water on the stove for the Shells right before I started making the Stuffed Shell filling and Butternut Squash Bechamel. The Squash is a great fall flavor twist to a classic recipe and it is super easy when using the frozen stuff.

Obviously, my roommate thought this recipe was fantastic too! The three of us finished the entire dish!

What recipes have you tried after seeing it on a blog?