Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pumpkin Money Ice Cream Date

First let me start off with how sad I am about my pumpkin which is NOT 100% pure. I was so excited that Harris Teeter even had canned pumpkin, that I didn't take the time to make sure it was the right (or I guess real) pumpkin.

Oh well, it tastes great and the few extra calories will not kill me after my morning run.

Second, consider yourself lucky, two posts in one day! What?!?!?

And on to what is important, the point of this post.

Tonight Jay and I celebrated my 1/2 birthday with a date night. FACT: It is my 1/2 birthday. FICTION: This was not the reason we had a date night.

We started by tackling the all important task of paying down his student loans.

Between us living together and my fantastic budgeting skills, Jay was able to save enough money to pay back the interest he accrued during his first year of grad school and a little more than 6% of what he has already taken out. PLUS, he still has enough money in the bank to provide for himself if the world falls apart. NICE huh?

After the three hours of figuring all of this out (and spending a lot of time on the phone with several student loan companies), we decided to really celebrate in our old stomping ground, King Street.

We took a short metro ride to King Street and enjoyed a nice walk all the way to the waterfront. Of course, our walk had a destination...

Our favorite Ice Cream, Pop's. We were often guilty of taking a walk to Pop's for some ice cream when we lived in Old Town. One positive thing about Crystal City is that we have yet to discover a quaint ice cream shop. It has definitely saved my budget and my waistline :) but is still a good treat and a great escape from the buildings that make up Crystal City.

The best thing about Pop's is all the great flavors. Jay loves the Red Velvet Cake flavor. It is hard to tell in th picture above, but Red Velvet is full of chunks of actual Red Velvet cake. Since it is the Great Pumpkin season, Jay went with a scoop of Red Velvet and a scoop of Pumpkin.

See those Red Velvet cake chunks? He enjoyed it, but said the ice cream consistencies were different. Next time he will probably just pick one.

My go-to flavor is Mint Chocolate Chip with Hot Fudge. Pop's Hot Fudge is some serious stuff. Homemade, hot and delicious. Tonight I noticed a "new" flavor, s'mores! After all our camping fun, I decided to get it with my usual Hot Fudge.

It was good, and I am glad I tried it, but I think next time I will either get pumpkin or go back to my staple of Mint Chocolate Chip.

Tonight was truly gorgeous in Old Town. The weather was just right for jeans, a t-shirt and a thin puffy vest. I am thoroughly enjoying this fall, especially since my allergies are not acting up!

Four miles again tomorrow morning! I think some chocolate peanut butter, pumpkin and crumbled pumpkin muffins may find there way into my oatmeal. I mean I have to start the day off right, I have A LOT to do at work tomorrow!

How do you spend your date nights?