Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fiesta Friday

Originally, we were going out for Margaritas on Thursday. That didn't happen due to our student loan venture. Instead, we had a Fiesta Friday before heading out to Rocket Bar.

We bought a taco kit, but unfortunately the hard tacos were broken. A perfect excuse for a taco salad.

Like many bloggers, my healthy twist is I make my tacos with ground turkey and as you see above I add lots of veggies and black beans.

It would have been a pretty decent meal if I hadn't had lots of chips and salsa! ;)

And our spread!

Totally not fiesta related, but I just wanted to show you our roses that finally bloomed!

After the flower photo-op we headed downtown to Rocket Bar. Rocket Bar is located in the heart of Chinatown. It has become a favorite of my group because of all the games. Billiards, Skee Ball, Darts and Shuffle Board.

Don't look at the score on the game pictured above, because believe it or not I had the top score of the evening!

After Skee Ball, we played lots and lots of darts. I didn't play much because I was distracted by my friends (a good thing). But when I did play I was definitely a contender!

See that bulls eye? Here is a closer look!

Yeah, I am awesome! Well I got to run watch a little College Gameday (GO COCKS) before a long run, last one before the big 10 miler!!

Then off to B-more to watch the Cocks beat the Tide and the Warrior Dash tomorrow! Get ready for some muddy pictures!

What are you up to this weekend? Have you ever run a mud run? Any advice?