Monday, September 13, 2010

Eat, Run, Yoga, Work

Two weeks ago today, I started going to Yoga. Crystal City BID offers Yoga at 7 a.m. Monday mornings outside at the Waterpark. This was my opportunity to test out the gym right by my house.

Well, needless to say I am hooked. Since the last Monday in August, I have gone to Yoga five times and have set up a regular Yoga routine!

This morning I woke-up early at about 5:35 a.m. and grabbed a bowl of oatmeal. I added flax seed meal and craisins. I have been torn about flax seed meal since I am young and the only person I knew ate it was my mom and her friends. That all changed yesterday on my date with Theresa when I purchased my first package.

After a satisfying breakfast I headed out on a short run. I have been struggling with a tight pirformis, so I decided to keep it short (2.5 miles) and slow. I need to invest in a foam roller. Any suggestions on where to get one on a budget?

One question
I got this week was why I am nervous about the Warrior Dash. The main reason I am nervous about this race is because of the obstacles, which range from a rope ladder, climbing over a tuck, jumping over a fire and running through a "swamp". I am a little worried about some of the more physical obstacles, especially those requiring upper body strength.

The best part of this morning routine is I ran right to yoga, where I knew I would get a great full body stretch.

Since experimenting with various yoga classes, I have learned which types of yoga I like (Vinyasa) and which instructors I do and do not like. The best part about morning yoga outside is that the instructors rotate, so I can see what they are like before I work there class into my schedule.

I loved our instructor today! To bad she teaches the Monday evening class! Doing yoga twice in one day is a little much? Once, it gets a little cooler out and outside yoga concludes for the season I will be attending her class. I was also very excited to learn about an additional yoga class being added on Tuesday mornings this fall. A perfect fit for my workout schedule. Too bad I don't like the Thursday instructor, making my week front loaded with yoga!

After yoga (look what time I got home!), I headed to work in jeans! Yes, glorious jeans! Half of the office was out Friday and again today for a Leadership conference we take off on the road every 3 years. As sad as it is to know you are not traveling to a fun city, it is nice to have 2 laid back work days!

Because of the cooler weather, I also treated myself to a hot cup of hot chocolate when I arrived at work. Yum! Normally I use Ovaltine (or should I will switch to Nesquick which has more calcium and less sugar? Thanks Laura for the tip) and nuke it, but at work I still haven't figured out the whole logistical milk aspect of my favorite treat.

What did you treat yourself to today?

GOOOO Ravens!