Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dancing and Brunch with the Girls

Last night after dinner in Old Town, I headed downtown to go out with the girls I met at book club.

We went to The Front Page at DuPont Circle (apparently the Real World DC house also visited this bar). We had a lot of fun! I had been to this bar before in the winter, but never on a Friday night. Bottom line, our DJ was awesome!!! And, it was sooo nice to go out with a group of girls. I finally feel like I found a fun group to go out with that I met on my own!!

The next morning, after dancing the night away, we met for brunch at RedRocks Pizzeria. A few weeks ago, this same group, met at Tonic for brunch. Tonic was by far better. I thoroughly enjoyed my Eggs Mediterranean (aka Eggs Benedict with spinach, red pepper and feta) and Bottomless Mimosa. RedRocks brunch menu was a lot shorter and not as good. At RedRocks I choose a Bottomless Mimosa and the Prosciutto and Mozzarella Omelet. The prosciutto was way overcooked (I longed for the raw prosciutto served in Italy) and there was not enough mozzarella.

Oh well! While the food was not fabulous, the company was (though a touch tired). After lunch we breezed through Target (thank you Alissa for keeping us on track)! And, then back on the metro to read The Confession of Catherine de Medici (love it!!! I swear a review is on its way).