Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oy with the poodles already!

My new work schedule is going well. I managed to run Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning. Took this morning off, but am motivated for tomorrow. The hardest part about my new work schedule is it results in me missing the first few minutes of Gilmore Girls.

Oh well, I guess I could watch the episodes on DVD... since I won them, but for some reason it is not the same.

Today, since I went in early (due to the fact that I didn't run) I came home turned on the girls and poured myself a healthy glass of wine.

On Tuesday, I bought a bottle of Sebeka Shiraz Pinotage "Cape Blend" wine from CVS. It was on sale and I had a CVS extra bucks coupon making its total cost $6.60. Even for an under $10 bottle, I have to say it is ok, drinkable and worth trying.

Camping this weekend, lots of pictures come Monday!