Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Board Games and Camping

Saturday, we woke up early with the sun and lounged around the campsite.

At around 10 a.m. we ventured off on our 6 mile hike from the campsite. Unfortunately, we made a wrong turn and did not get to see a waterfall, but the company was good and the scenery was beautiful.

When we returned to the campsite we met up with the last 2 people in our party. The afternoon was filled with Hacky Sack, Connect Four, Blockus and concluded with Quelf.

The Hacky Sack game we played was called "Power Hack". I am not quite sure who came up with it, but it required three people to successfully touch the Hacky Sack. After the third touch anyone could grab the hacky sack and throw it at a male player. It was fun and believe it or not, it caused us all to break a sweat.

Adam and Maggie brought Connect Four. A game of skill, I might add. Who would have thought that this childhood game would still be a lot of fun.

Blockus was next on the docket. Pat and Austen brought this game skiing as well and we loved it. The game requires four players and is essentially survivor tetris. Each player starts in their own corner and must have each piece touch by only the corner. The goal is to block another players corners so they run out of moves.

As a slightly competitive person, I loved this game skiing. I was always looking for a way to win. Well, camping I actually won. The person with the least number of left over blocks is the winner. In one of the games I won by one block! Yes, I am very proud of myself.

Our final board game was Quelf. Another skiing favorite.

Quelf is the most random game I have ever played. Some think of it as a drinking game due to the strange and unusual things it requires of you, but it was actually developed for children.

There are several different cards that correspond by color to the board. It is a hybrid of Candy land and Charades, but stranger. The different colors represent categories, quizzes, 'roolz', actions and ridiculous things.

I strongly recommend this game for any group trip. You will be loud, laughing and everyone is guaranteed to make a fool of themselves!

This game got us in trouble with the Park Ranger. He was very nice about it and we were being loud after quiet hours. But, unfortunately, we never got to finish.

I guess we have a goal for our next camping trip!