Monday, August 20, 2012

I'm leaving on a jet plane

Jay and I are currently sitting in LAX waiting for our long flight to New Zealand. We arrived a little too early and blew through security so now I have plenty of time to catch y'all up on our weekend in LA with Mary.

We arrived in LA on Thursday night and were welcomed by a huge accident on the 405 (imagine a 6 lane highway reduced to 1). We considered this a minor blip, no big deal, at least this time it wasn't raining!

Friday, Mary took us to the Getty villa, which was beautiful, to Thai food and then tide pool exploring in Malibu. We ended the day with sushi. By far, a great day.

Saturday, we spent the day by the pool. Mary and her family hosted the best pool party ever. The food was fantastic, the volleyball was fun and the people were very sociable and fun.

Today, we capped off the weekend with a trip to Venice beach, skate parks, medical marijuana cards, tofu ruebans and Mexican, i.e. super Californian deliciousness all day long!

Needless to say my cali dreams were met and both jay and I are leaving super happy. Plus, we got to spend non stop time with Mary, what more could we ask for ?!?!?!