Saturday, August 25, 2012


This morning Jay and I ventured to Middle Earth! We took a two hour tour of Hobbiton, where The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies were filmed. After The Lord of the Rings was filmed they tore out all the Hobbit Holes so the tour providers put up dinky plywood structures. There is an example on the back of the van.

When they started filming The Hobbit they made an agreement to put in permanent Hobbit Holes so that the tourists could enjoy the real thing. And boy, did we!

The Hobbit Holes are all different sizes. Sometimes they used extras that were children and sometimes they had the actors walk near the life size Hobbit Holes. Apparently, it's a trick called 'forced perspective'.

Above is a picture of me in front of a larger Hobbit Hole and below I am in front of a smaller hole.

The best thing about the tour was our group size. Our tour guide, Uncle Ben, walked us through the village at our pace and answered any and all questions. It was really nice having the extra attention, one of the bright things about traveling in their Winter.

The only aspect of the set we did not get to see up close was the Green Dragon tavern because they are turning it from a set piece into an actual tavern. I guess we have to come back in a year or two to see it in working order ;).

I'll leave you with a nice shot of our guide, Uncle Ben, feeding the sheep after our tour. I would say Hobbiton is a must-see if you are in the Rotorua area.