Saturday, May 19, 2012

Jay, Your Duck is Quacking…?

During the week, Jay has been living with my parents these past few weeks as he has been working at a hospital in Baltimore. Having Jay in Baltimore is a billion times better than New York because I get to see him at least every weekend. Plus, the next few weeks, we barely go three nights apart due to friends visiting, wedding planning and doctors appointments.

Today while Jay and I were relaxing his phone started quacking… apparently he has an alarm set to change the dehumidifier for my mom. Apparently, he really likes living there, I’m starting to get scared he won’t come back to me ;)


This weekend is our last before the wedding where we have NO plans (that’s a big deal to me). We spent the day relaxing and preparing for the next couple of weekends. (Yes, there is backpacking in our future!!)


We started with a leisurely 8 mile run. Jay really felt it, but I felt really good. I feel like it is rare when we both have a good run.

Upon our return, I made Bacon, Egg and Asparagus Personal Pizzas with Asparagus Fries for lunch.


The personal pizzas were delicious, but the Asparagus Fries were out of this world. I’ll post the recipe soon!!

photo 1photo 4

But, the best part about cooking today is that Jay and I broke out some new kitchen toys that we acquired from our registries!! A big thank you to Hilary (for the cookie sheet), Courtney for the pizza stone and Jay’s parents for the blender. I see lost of baking, pizza making and smoothies in our future!!