Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hello November

Wow, I feel like I say this every month, but is it already November? With October behind us, let’s recap on those October Goals.

BodyPump: I wanted to attend 4 classes this month. I only attended 3 because I skipped the Wednesday before the marathon. While I always want to accomplish my goals, I am glad I decided to take last week easy.

In November, I would like to attend 4 classes again and increase my weight. I am kind of a whimp when it comes to increasing weight. I always regret not working harder when I don’t feel it the next day. In the spirit of toning up for the holidays, I am going to work hard to go up 2.5 lbs in every muscle group by the New Year. Let ‘um rip!

Yoga: My goals was to attend 2 classes. In actuality, I only attended one class, but I was a lot better about practicing Yoga on my own at home. I think my tight IT Band scare mid-October taught me a lot about the importance of stretching. The last two weeks I have incorporated at least 20 minutes of Yoga and stretching into my routine both before and after workouts. Plus, if I did skip class, I would sleep in an extra 30 minutes but still get in a solid 45 minutes of yoga. All-in-all, I am pretty satisfied with my mat tie this month.

For November, I would like to continue my devotion to the mat. For the sake of concrete numbers  would like to attend two classes this month.

Happy Hour: My goal for October was 1 per week. In reality I think I only went to 2 the entire month. How did that happen?!?! Don’t worry, I still consumed my fair share of alcohol, just not out in bars.

This month, I would like to continue to monitor my nights out to once a week. This includes Glee nights at a Friends and Wing Nights at the Bar.

Shopping: Of all my goals for October, I think I made the most progress in this category. Jay and I only have one person left in his family and one and half for my family (one person I may get a bonus gift for).

My biggest challenge this month will be finishing those darn knitting projects. One Project down, four to finish!!! I don’t why finishing projects is so hard!!

After being sick in September, I promised myself I would be better about sleep, extra vitamin C, tip-top nutrition, foam rolling (err pressing?) and listening to my body. I think I accomplished this in October. When I returned from Orlando, my cold relapsed slightly, practically causing me to make taking care of myself a October goal. While taking care of myself should always be a goal, with no big race coming I just hope to get the sleep I need to help me be the happiest I can be. (aka no sleep Sarah = angry Sarah, well rested Sarah = happy and pleasant Sarah).

Run a Marathon done and done! It feels so great to accomplish this goal. For a full recap please read this post.

So besides my comments above, what’s new in November?

My main goal this month is to continue running.

I would like to get at least a 6 mile run in every week to stay in shape until I start training for the USA Rock ‘N’ Roll Half Marathon. As I have said before, I really want to run a sub 2 hour half marathon and I really think Rock ‘N’ Roll is my chance.

I also would like to PR at the Charleston Gobble Wobble over Thanksgiving (which I am officially registered for as of TODAY)! I know I will really need to focus on speed training in the next few short weeks to accomplish this goal. But after the marathon, I am determined t reach my goal!!

That is it for this month! I am off to finish those knitting projects and watch Glee!

What goals have you set for yourself this month?