Tuesday, November 29, 2011

2011 Charleston Gobble-Wobble

First, Happy Birthday Steve!! As you may remember, last year my Charleston Gobble-Wobble post commemorated Steve’s first 5k and Birthday. This year Jay and I ran the Charleston Gobble-Wobble again and Steve was a proud spectator.

Last year, we both PRed, this year only one of us did… ok if you follow me on twitter you probably already know it was me, but please humor me as I start from the beginning.


I love running Turkey Trots on Thanksgiving, but I am starting to wonder if this race is no longer “for me”. To give the race organizers props, they did have signs up for runners to corral themselves this year, but as we all know self-corals are oxymoronic. The elites were the only race group that was regulated.  Every other corral had a good mix of running types, dogs, strollers and jeans. Some participants even started a block into the race.

Let me back up and say, that I know this is a fun run, but it was frustrating to be a more seasoned runner and see how many people who had no race etiquette. It’s just not that hard, run with your pace group, actually start behind the Starting Line and don’t run in large talking walking groups (who are wearing jeans) in the corral for runner hoping to finish in under 30 mins. ::end of rant::


Besides the rocky beginning, I did enjoy the race. Around mile 1, things sort of opened up and I started to find some more serious runners.  At this point I also realized that I was right on target to have the same time as last year. The second mile flew by as I ran around Battery Park and back to King Street. The final mile was also pretty easy since I knew what to expect from last year. This year I was smart and waited a little longer before sprinting to the finish. I swear you can see the finish line a good 1/4 mile or more before you cross.

It was about 85 degrees at last years race, this year it was perfect running weather. I was completely expecting the same weather as last year and had to wear my race shirt during the run. Fail. Also, apparently I am not a pretty sprinter… I’m the one all the way to the left.


All in all, I finished in 25:09, shaving 36 seconds off my time from last year. I have to say, I was happy. I definitely did not commit the time for speed work as I initially anticipated post-marathon.

Now, which race to run next?