Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Here are a few of my favorite… posts (part 1)

One thing I love about blogs is they keep me sane. I go to them for a quick break in my day, for advice and for a little relief. I am constantly amazed by what others post on their blogs. There are those posts I keep visiting time and time again, because they hit so close to home and inspire me.

Originally I was going to outline all of my favorite posts, but as I started writing this post the list got longer and longer. Looks like I have a nice little series to post about ;) Y’all know how much I love a good series.

While today is Wedding Wednesday, all my favorite wedding posts are about love… lifestyles (if you know what I mean ;). As much fun as it would be to talk about that tonight, I thought I would start with something a little less raunchy. So tonight I give you my favorite posts geared toward the 20-something's.

The Chase Project - Dumb $h!t I did in my 20’s

chase project

I love Chase and her blog. She is so upbeat, has a great variety of content and I feel as if I can relate to a lot of her posts. While I am very much still in my 20’s, Chase’s post today “Dumb $h!t I did in my 20’s” really hit home. Even though I do not necessarily relate to each point (I have yet to buy a dog), this post reminded me to “Never operate under someone else’s definition of you” and enjoy my time while I have minimal commitments.

The Gluten Free Grazer25 Lessons I’ve Learned This Year


This is another post that really harps on the idea that ”YOU are in charge of your life!” I was completely blown away by this post. While I like to believe I am headed on the “right” path, I think it is a valuable lesson to remember that there is no right path and no wrong path. Life happens for a reason, own up to it and greet it with the right attitude.

Daily Garnish - Why I Quit Drinking


Emily’s post on why she stopped drinking is one the many posts on her blog that I step back and just think “wow”. I am not that I am saying I am going to stop drinking tomorrow, but I have noticed that I personally do not drink nearly as much as I used to. This post is long (and totally worth the read), but I find many of the take-away points in the last section "A Better Way of Life". As I get older, I am perfectly happy with one or two beers an evening, remembering everything I did and said, and waking up without a hangover.

Wedding BeeQuarter-Life Crisis Rant


And boy is this a rant, but I also feel that it hits a lot of points on how many many girls feel about marriage and age. Many girls grow up thinking that they will be married around such an age. Realistically us ladies can’t control when we get married, but we can control following out hearts. I think the main take-away point is that just because a certain life milestone means something significant to you, it doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone else. And let’s be honest, who ever has their shit stuff together in their lives or are where they thought they would be?

What is your favorite post from the blog world on life as a 20-something?