Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Meet My Girls

As I mentioned last week, Jay and I decided to keep our bridal party small. I always roughly knew who would be in my bridal party but, like any girl, who I would include changed as I changed. Most of the people I had considered at one point are invited to the shower, bachelorette party and wedding. If Jay and I choose to have a larger party, they probably would have been asked. For us, we found a smaller party is easier to manage.


Val is one of my oldest friends. We met in middle school in art class and have managed to keep in touch though we went to different high schools and colleges. Val also went on many vacations with my family. She has become part of the family over the years which is why I choose her to be my maid of honor (soon to be matron). Val lives in Baltimore near my parents and wedding location, which has been a blessing. She has been readily available to do various wedding tasks and/or meet up for some Chipotle and much needed girl talk.


Charlotte is a friend from college. We met during the middle of my sophomore year when she returned from Disney’s college program. The following fall we were suite mates in the dorm due to mutual friends. The year Charlotte and I shared a suite is by far the most memorable year for me at USC. That was the year that our entire group lived (or dated someone) within a few rooms of each other. That year Charlotte also taught me a very important lesson about friendship. Both of our feeling were hurt over something (that seems so insignificant now). Instead of bottling up our feelings we confronted each other. After a few notes and a talk, we both walked away realizing why the other one was hurt. Because of the open communication, our friendship has only grown stronger.

Charlotte now lives in Orlando, Florida. Despite the distance I have managed to see her about 2 to 3 times a year since she moved down there in early 2008. Jay and I are both very excited to be visiting her this fall when we run the Food & Wine Half Marathon. Charlotte is very creative and a skilled crafter. She will be helping me with some of my (and the girls’) wedding accessories.


I also met Bri(anna) at USC. Since Bri is two academic years behind me, I didn’t meet her until the Fall of my senior year. Charlotte organized a dorm trip to Disney for Fall Break and Bri signed up not really knowing anyone. That summer we became closer when we both stayed in Columbia and then even more-so that year when we worked together as Resident Advisor’s. Bri currently lives in San Diego. Since she moved to California, I feel as if our friendship has grown even stronger despite the physical distance and time difference. Bri is one of the few friends from college that I communicate with almost daily. You may remember her from our Route 1 trip this past spring. I have been assured by Bri that I do not need the DJ to prompt people to dance as her and one of our groomsmen will do that for us. Needless to say she is often the life of the party.

Come back next Wednesday to hear about Jay’s boys. Let’s hope he writes the post by then ;)

Who was in your bridal party?


Have you always known who would be in your bridal party or has your list evolved over time?