Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Jack + Sarah

As I read through all these wedding blogs, I began to realize I never told y’all about how Jay and I met.


When I transferred to the University of South Carolina, I promptly became involved in any organization that interested me. This included churches. I grew up in the Episcopal church, but realized that just because I liked my childhood church did not mean I would like every Episcopal church. I tried the episcopal church associated with the university, but did not find it to my liking. After a very positive experience with religion at Boston University, I continued to seek a house of worship in other protestant religions. Finally, I settled with the Methodist group on campus.


That fall I attended my first Fall Retreat with the group and quickly became friends with Irene, Jay’s sister. Ironically, when I rode with Irene and Jay to the retreat we stopped by his parents house in Summerville. Little did I know that I would visit that house again.

As the semester continued on, I continued to attend church, seeing Jay on the occasional Sunday. It was not until we both attended the Winter Retreat over MLK weekend that the sparks started to fly. Once we got back to campus from the retreat, we started Instant Messaging (remember that??) each other outside of church.thegroup2

Originally the conversations revolved around me getting him a job at the on-campus pizza joint I worked at. After an interview, a job offer and a few dates, Jay and I started dating on Super bowl Sunday 2006. The blunt person that I am, I quickly told Jay that as much as I enjoyed him visiting me while I was at work, I would not work with him, so it was me or the job. Thankfully being a pizza boy did not intrigue him as much as I did and he choose me!


Five and a half years later, a bunch of jobs, apartments, trips and life changes later we are engaged and planning our wedding. I hope y’all enjoy the ride as much as we are!

How did you meet your significant other/spouse?