Thursday, June 30, 2011

Alumni Softball on the Mall

Since we have softball tomorrow night, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share some pictures of our team from a Saturday double-header.


It was a really hot weekend. So hot, that Jay and I actually got up super early to run 9 miles before our two games. I am glad we squeezed the mileage in, but it was probably not our brightest idea!!

Unlike kickball, Jay and I really enjoy playing softball. It is due to the gamecock spirit and the fact that everyone has a sense of humor, two qualities that lacked in our kickball teams.


Another major benefit to this league is we do not play on a consistent evening AND I love that! I love that I don’t lose every Wednesday to softball and I love that we do not play every week. You can ask Jay (well, and my parents) that I am not always jumping for joy to attend a team sport, but I always have fun once I get there.


Plus, who doesn’t love flip-cup post game.


We may not be the best team out there, but at least we can be the last one standing.

Do you play in any adult leagues? How did you find your league?