Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Run, Run, Run

Lately I have been enjoying my break from running, but as June 1st and my Marine Corps Marathon training schedule near I have to admit I am getting a little nervous.

I have not indulged in a complete running hiatus. I still manage to work in three 3 mile runs a week. I have also been attending BodyPump and Yoga classes and squeezing in the occasional bike ride, but I have not run over 4 miles since the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler!!

While I feel slightly guilty, I have to admit I am more nervous. The next few weekends are packed with fun activities like graduations, camping, Preakness and friends weddings that I know building up mileage is not practical until our training start date of June 1. Thankfully, the rest of the summer is pretty tame. Jay and I agreed that we are going to do this marathon right. And in our minds, the only way to do that is to properly train. This means we will have to put a hold on our summer travel, unlike last summer when I was away several weekends in a row!!


How have your exercise patterns changed? Do you sign-up for races to motivate yourself?

Racing is a huge motivator for me. Like taking tests in school, I always want to be prepared. Registering for a race is a guaranteed way for me to stay on a specific fitness regiment.

What fitness related goals have you set for yourself?

At the end of March I set the goal to attend 8 BodyPump classes before graduation. Well, graduation is this weekend and I have attended 6 and plan to attend one more class. Normally I would feel a little disappointed for falling just short of my goal, but not this time. Mid-month I openly voiced my aggravation with being shut-out of BodyPump class. Lately, I have been able to prevent my dilemma by showing up earlier and setting up my spot before running on the elliptical. Plus it helps that some of those warm weather workout-ers have suddenly vanished.

My current workout goal is to attend about 6 BodyPump classes a month throughout Marathon training. I also would like to get my bicep weight to a solid 10 lbs. on the bar. Currently I do half the track with 10 lbs. and half the track with 5 lbs. I know my baby steps will eventually pay off!!