Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It’s Better with Cheddar


Tonight Jay and I threw dinner together. The reason it was thrown together was our cancelled camping trip :(. We bought sausages for our camping trip, but didn’t go. In an effort to keep our grocery budget under control we decided to incorporate them in a meal this week… and the next few weeks since they are in the freezer.

Tonight we took Johnsonville Cheddar Brats, broccoli and shell pasta to make an ‘everything is bettar with cheddar’ dinner. And boy, was it delicious!!!

To counter-act the clogging of our arteries, we went on a short run. Unfortunately Jay has had a case of runners' knee. His lack of ability to run has resulted in shorter couples runs, which honestly is nice because we have not started training for the marathon yet. His injury has also resulted in lots of yoga, icing and heat. Poor guy is soo sick of being injured.

How do you cope with an injured running partner?

Besides a few short runs with Jay a week, I also attend Body Pump and the occasional yoga class at my gym. I am hoping to get a longer run in this weekend while Jay is in class.