Monday, April 18, 2011

What a busy bee is lovin’ now

1. My engagement ring:  Yes, it still its shine still catches me off guard. I am still scared to death that I am going to lose it, even though I did get it resized last week.


2. Our new toaster: A friend at work recently moved in with her fiancé. As a result, I inherited a lot of fun new kitchen items. One of my favorites, a new toaster!!! Our old one was disgusting because it survived college with Jay and his four other roommates!!!


3. The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett: I had so much trouble getting into this book when I originally tried to read it fall of 2009. After reading about 100 pages and listening to about 300 pages, I finally took the plunge and am lovin’ it. This book is long and therefore a major time investment with my current 30 minutes a day of reading. Every time I pick up the book I enjoy what I read and can’t wait until my next metro ride.


4. Two Buck Chuck: Except that it isn’t always two bucks… For some reason this Trader Joe’s classic is around $2 in DC but over $3 in Virginia. Regardless, I love it and how affordable it is!!


What are you lovin’ now?

How do you cope with being a busy bee?