Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Verbal Vomit

Let me start off by apologizing for the randomness of this post and thank y’all for hanging around. I don’t know what happened, but lately my stats have been higher and I have been spending less time perfecting my blog. Let me just tell you wedding venue shopping is exhausting!!!


The picture above is my parents on their wedding day at The Cloisters on March 7, 1982. My mom and I visited the venue last Saturday. While we liked the facility, we are using this weekend and next weekend to look at additional venues.

After much consideration about the role of my wedding planning and this blog, I have decided to add a wedding tab (hopefully this weekend). I have found from my own research that first hand knowledge is best. I hope y’all enjoy the trickle of wedding posts as they occur. And please please please feel free to comment with your own wedding planning advice!!!


Another goal I have is to not let wedding planning take over my life (it get’s easier after you pick a venue right?!?!?) so that I may continue to provide you with fun, exciting and healthy meals.

For the moment we can pretend that last night’s meal was all of those things:

Sweet Potato with Black Beans and Swiss Cheese


This meal is by far one of my favorite “eat alone meals”. It is fast, easy, delicious, nutritious and always hits the spot!!! The perfect way to enjoy dinner by myself… or with Jay who magically appeared half way through dinner. Apparently, studying was not going as well as planned!

The Bird

And finally, the bird


Saturday evening, after The Cloisters visit and Hilary’s Bridal Shower, I ended my day at the Taste of the South event because my friend Lauren served on the Florida Committee. One of her many responsibilities on the committee was providing decorations for her booth, hence the bird. At the end of the evening, she asked me to take a few items home, one of which was the bird.

I knew I looked a little goofy carrying the bird, but I had no clue how attached Jay would get to said bird sober. Yes, sober! The designated driver got way too attached to a plastic bird!!

Does your significant other have a quirky sense of humor?