Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tangled BBQ

Tonight for dinner we had BBQ Tofu with sautéed veggies over quinoa and celery.


The one thing I love about tofu is it’s so versatile. One night you can use it in a Thai Dish, the next on pizza and the following in a BBQ stir fry. The possibilities are endless!!


What is you favorite way to prepare tofu?

After our lovely roommate dinner (yes, we all cooked together), the three of us sat down and watched Disney’s latest Princess Animated Feature, Tangled. I really liked it. Of all the recent Disney movies, it was the most like the Disney movies I grew up with (Beauty & the Beast, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, etc.)

My brother had a different opinion.

After watching his review, I still liked the film but I realized how recycled it is. Besides the blatant Little Mermaid scene that Jim pointed out in his review, there is also a strong Beauty & the Beast resemblance at the end of the movie. And, he is right, Disney is trying to be like the Shrek movies. When did making fun of fairy tales become cool?

I still think the movie is super cute and if our roommate had not bought it I would run out and buy it. Tangled will never replace Beauty & the Beast, but our other Disney movies seem to have warmed up to its presence.

What is your favorite Disney animated movie since 2000 (excluding Pixar films)?

I have to say that Tangled is my favorite Disney animated movie since 2000. It may not be the most original flick with the most high-tech features, but it is a fun feel good movie. What else can a girl ask for?