Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stop Making Excuses

My brain thinks the terms vacation and splurge are synonymous. Every time I go on vacation I find myself splurging on things I would never consume at home. Soda, sure; extra helpings, sounds great!; s’mores? yes please; and what about one more margarita?!?!? how could I pass that up!


It does not help that I am awful at following through with my working out plan on vacation. My favorite running shoes have a reserved spot in my suitcase, but they never manage to make it out of the bag.

So after a week of giving in, how do you get your habits back intact?

  1. Drink lots of water – On vacation I tend to drink a lot of different liquids I am not used to consuming, like soda and extra alcohol. Once I arrive home, I try to drink lots of water to flush out my system. Water keeps you hydrated and can prevent muscle stiffness which is important during that long flight or car ride home.
  2. Plan Healthy Meals – The first grocery trip after vacation is very import. Make sure you take the time to sit down and plan your meals before you go. Plan a lot of healthy options for your first week back. Jay and I usually welcome back our healthy eating habits with a large colorful salad.
  3. Set a schedule – When I return from a week long vacation I haven’t worked out in, well, about a week… As soon as I get back I set a schedule for the upcoming week. Often this workout schedule is similar to the one I was following prior to vacation with a little less intensity. For example, if I had worked up to a 5 mile run the week before, I may start the week with a 3 mile run. For BodyPump, I try to lift the amount of weight I left off on, but know it is ok, to drop a little weight if needed. I never attempt to increase weight after vacation.
  4. Stop making excuses – When working out, I often try to test my physical limits, but my goal is to always work out safely. As many of us know, injuries just stink. The week after vacation, I tend to be cautious in order to prevent injury. The week after that there are no more excuses here!
  5. Set a goal – As we head into the spring/summer season there are a lot of events that we all want to look our best for. This spring I will be traveling to my alma mater to see my little brother graduate. Not only did we graduate from the same university, but the same college. Plus, him and his friends were my residents there freshman year. You can see why I want to be looking my best! With only about 5 weeks until graduation, I know I want to attend 8 BodyPump classes, which gives me 2 classes of wiggle room, and adequate time to reach my goal to bare my best arms.
  6. Plan for a night in – There is nothing worse than arriving home from vacation only to start running around again. The weekend after vacation, Jay and I try to be low-key (this is soo hard for me). I avoid social activities the week we arrive home. The following weekend, we try to stay local and try not to commit to anything until the last minute. This gives us the flexibility to unpack and catch up from a fun vacation.

What are your tips for getting back on track after a fun vacation?