Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Film Makers Take on Lunch

As many of you know, this week I am in Orlando working. A few months ago, I solicited via twitter and my blog for a few guest posts. My brother promptly tweeted me offering to submit a post. My only criteria, I told him, was it had to relate to “Healthy Living”. I was pleasantly surprised when I found this in my inbox that afternoon. While, he maybe an aspiring film-maker, he also knows how to eat in Manhattan on a budget.

I don't really know much about the “Healthy lifestyle” stuff, or at least not enough to really write a guest blog entry. But, I do know about how food can help you get through your day. You still need time for yourself or food that will make you happy when you are working for the man, or you'd go crazy all Black Swan style and nobody wants that.

At my job I can't really leave until the job is over. I run an amphitheater in Manhattan and I am there Mon- Fri 7:30am till 3:30pm. It kinda sucks and the food options have never been very good. I could buy lunch but that would add up to around $50 a week. And that's having a good lunch. 2 slices of pizza and a soda are like $5 but then I would be fat and gross. I tried peanut butter and jelly for a while, but that's really not that tasty and gets old very quickly. Then I decided to bring in my George Foreman Grill and man did my life get better. I guess they call that sort of thing quality of life.

I toast a bagel every day. This is a lot cheaper than your average bagel place. The bagels I get cost about $.65. I buy 5 and a $3.49 thing of vegetable cream cheese. I usually have to buy another throughout the week but then I can use that for the next week so bonus savings. One bagel place bagel will cost as much as the cream cheese I buy for the week. That’s kinda crazy if you think about it. However, if you live in a more suburban area you can probably get a bigger thing of cream cheese that has an even bigger value.

I used to buy cereal, then budget cereal, but that got kinda depressing as well because I don't like milk in my cereal and dry cereal and water is close to what I assume prison breakfast food to be. The toasted bagel gives me something to look forward to in the morning. It's nice to have a freshly toasted bagel, instead of buying it and carrying it to work. The cold Manhattan winds cause it to lose that nice toasty warmness.

For lunch, I go to the deli in the supermarket and ask the butcher for half pound of a meat. I usually switch off between Boars Head Honey Ham and Turkey. Once I tried Salami, but that seemed kinda gross, at least it was tasty. Going to the deli in your supermarket is a good move. If you buy from like Hillshire Farms you'll end up spending more money and really who knows how old that c**p is. I've noticed that at the deli counter it tastes better and fresher. The butchers didn't really seem to like me very much for the first couple months but now they like me. So you got to put in your time.

I also get a cheese. I read (or heard or something) that most people do not get cheese from the deli they mostly get meat. Well that’s dumb because it's the same as the meat. It’s more expensive, in the cheese department, like 2 dollars or more. I usually get a half pound of each, which usually lasts the week. Sometimes it doesn't if the meat is tasty and I sneak in too many slices.

I buy cheap bread cause I don't give a s**t about the bread. It like $1.30 or something and lasts about 2 weeks. Then i put it together with some nice mustard, which is important. Go crazy with the mustard spending. It’ll last you a long time and you want the good stuff.

When I toast it all together on the George Foreman, it tasted really good. And the melted cheese, damn that is some good cheese. It makes a pretty good sandwich. Which makes me realize how important and nice it is to a person when they have a nice lunch. It’s really your “me time” when you’re working for the man. Sure the man can get you down as he always does, but a nice meal in-between can make it at least seem more tolerable.

What do you eat for lunch every day? Do you eat out, bring one, or make one there?

You can read about how I pack my lunch here. Also, don't forget to go check out Jim's YouTube Channel.