Monday, November 22, 2010

Tourist Sunday!

Living in DC never gets old! Today, Jay and I woke up and had brunch with our roommate Mary's parents. After brunch, Jay and I took DC by storm, visiting all our favorites and a new experience.

First up, the White House! Like all monuments, this building never gets old and still takes my breath away even though I walk by it at least monthly!

Next, we headed to the American History before walking by the US Navy Memorial.

We grabbed a Holiday Beverage from Starbucks, buy one get one free Thursday through Today from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., and watched the Ice Skaters at the Sculpture Garden.
Later, we showed up at the Washington Monument. A few weeks ago our roommate, Mary, told us you can reserve Washington Monument Tickets online at for $3 instead of waiting in line that morning.

Another monument that never gets old from the outside and now I can say is also breathtaking inside. Below are pictures from the bottom and then the view from the top of the monument. Some of the pictures are cloudy due to the windows.

What an amazing view! And, did you know there are also monuments inside the monument? The Washington Monument is filled with close to 200 memorial stones from all 50 states, cities and small towns across America, and even organizations from all over the world. One of the larger stones was donated by Baltimore. I was pretty proud!

After our Washington Monument Tour, we decided to walk home. DC is so beautiful in the Fall!

As you can imagine, we were pretty hungry after our day! When we got home, I made Grilled Cheese and V8 Tomato Herb Soup.

It was delicious and hit the spot!

Do you ever play Tourist in your town? What is your favorite "Tourist Hot Spot" at home?