Monday, November 15, 2010

The Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show

This week Groupon featured Celebrity Cooking Demonstrations. When Jay and I saw it, we knew we had to go see Rachael Ray cook live at the Washington Convention Center.

This was the 5th Annual Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show as worth every penny!

The exhibit floor was packed with Small Business Owners from up and down the East Coast!

There were lots of cooking demonstrations! Including the one above where they cooked with Quinoa!

And a large New York Times Crossword, Food Themed, of course! Fill in a word and move on!

Jay really like the Potato Chip Coated Peanuts by Nutterz. They are from B-more, so naturally I liked them too!

A BBQ fountain! Ever since I lived in South Carolina, I have loved BBQ! My favorite meal is BBQ over Rice with Collard Greens and Banana Pudding to finish! YUM!

After perusing the exhibit floor, we headed into our scheduled Cooking Demonstration with Rachael Ray!

We did not have the best seats, but it was a really cool experience. Rachael talked and answered questions throughout the entire demonstration! And, she made three meals in less than an hour!

I was impressed with her answers too! There were a lot of children in the audience, and she was very good at giving answers that stressed healthy eating and an active lifestyle. I was impressed!

I was sooo impressed, that I bought a signed copy of her cookbook! This is NOT me, I am actually the person who does not follow recipes. I am the person who constantly alters recipes.

Besides the three delicious meals she cooked from her cookbook, this cookbook is full of pictures!

It is like many of the food blogs that we all love to read! I had to buy it and am now very excited to start cooking from it. After we finish our leftovers from a Friends Thanksgiving, of course!

Which Food Network Star would you want to see cook live?