Monday, November 8, 2010

The Brickskeller

After we hiked Old Rag Mountain on Saturday, we went to Brickskeller (in DuPont) for dinner for Monica's Birthday. Happy Birthday Monica!

Brickskeller has an award winning beer selection of over 1,000 bottles! Plus, it has a great atmosphere. Just look at the door to the bar!

We arrived at 8:15 to an empty restaurant (which is upstairs from the bar). We were promptly seated with our reservation to a tiny table. After talking to waiter, we were thankfully able to move to a more comfortable and roomy table.

We started with a round of beer!

Closely followed by appetizers!

The Sweet Potato Fries were great and were worth their price of $3.95. The Nachos on the other hand were a disappointment. They cost almost $10 and looked like they just topped tortilla chips with canned cheese and salsa.

I felt bad for our waiter, we were a big party! Plus, once the rest of the restaurant filled up, he was obviously overworked. The best example is how some of us continued onto the second round before our food came...

While others kept trying to guess which beers from the menu they actually had... We thought it would get better once our food came. Unfortunately, our food did not come out anytime near each other. Plus, one persons food had to be reordered and came out once everyone else had finished!

I got the Cobb Salad, which was a let down! It was dry and surprisingly small. After the hike, beer and appetizers I thought all I would want was some veggies, but I cleaned my plate and did not feel satisfied. I wish I had ordered a Burger or Chicken Fingers!

And, round three... or two, depending on the person.

Here is our group, minus Jesse (the photographer)!

Overall, I enjoyed Brickskeller's atmosphere and their bottled beer selection. This is the place for a small group looking to try various beers from the US as well as the rest of the World. For the most part, the appetizers and burgers were great, it was the non-conventional bar food that was a let down. This is not a good place to bring a group larger that 6.

Does your community have a bar that boasts having a large beer collection? How many beers do they carry?