Friday, September 10, 2010

Look what came in the mail!?!?!

My new J Crew bathing suit!!!

We had our friends over last weekend for a Welcome Back / Housewarming Pool Party. When I went to put on my suit I noticed that the top was a lot less pink than the bottom :(

I realized then that it was time to invest in a new bathing suit.

Many of you are probably thinking "Why are you buying a new suit in September?"

Simple answer: It was on SALE!!!!

My bought my last J Crew suit (the faded pink one) in high school and I still have it!!! It is still in pretty good shape, minus the whole fading issue. Since J Crew suits are such a great investment I decided to check out their end of season sale and fell in love with this suit.

The best part, it goes with my current mix and match theme!!!!

Which store do you find has great quality merchandise?