Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Board Game Night at Austen's

Last night was another game night!

Monday did not bod well for me. I miss set my alarm therefore skipping my planned 4 mile run :( I did manage to squeeze a well needed 3 run in before game night.

After a quick shower, we headed over to Austen's for dinner and games. We started with some fresh and healthy appetizers. I had no idea that they sold little peppers like these! They have been added to my grocery list!

She also had out smoked salmon, cheese and crackers. A great post run snack!

And, she made us matzo-ball soup! The best thing about going to other people's house for dinner is seeing what they serve! I would never even think to make matzo-ball soup. It definitely made a great warm post run meal!

Let to board games begin! We started by playing Skip-Bo. This game is kind of like Phase Ten in the sense that it involves a little bit of skill and a little bit of luck!

I never managed to win :( but it is always fun to learn a new game!

We also tried playing Set. Set is a pattern recognition game. We played this later in the evening therefore it did not last long. We were all tired!

We wrapped up the evening by playing Banana-Grams. Unfortunately, I was awful at this game. The whole spelling thing gets me every time! I think Pat would agree with me that he prefers shape strategy games like Blokus!!!

What is your favorite board game?