Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Rehearsal Lunch

Let the wedding recaps begin! I am hoping to do a few wedding recaps. No more than five (I think or promise).


Let’s start with the rehearsal lunch. Ok, ok, I guess the recaps of the wedding weekend started with our trip to the National Aquarium. But this is the first official traditional recap.

A little back story, Jay’s bachelor party was Friday. Saturday morning I called Jay to touch base and see how his party went. He told me that it went really well and he had a lot of fun, but he had something to tell me. My heart dropped. No bride wants to hear their groom say “I have something to tell you” their wedding weekend. Nor did I believe he actually pulled the following stunt.

Jay continues to tell me that he got a black eye at his bachelor party, but couldn’t tell me how. I flipped on him. While at the end of the day the important thing is that we got married, the other really important thing to me was our photography. We spent a lot of time finding our photographer and even went above our initial budget. Plus there were three big things we were financially responsible for, our photographer and both our attire.

After we get off the phone, I text him that I want a picture. I should have known something was up because it took him way too long to text me one.

Finally I get the following two texts.

photo 2photo 1

So I think to myself that it isn’t awful, but of all the things that could go wrong I didn’t think Jay would be the one to pull a stunt that weekend. As we drive to the Rusty Scupper the girls and I start guessing how he got the black eye. We knew from texts from other guys that Jay rode a bull the night before. We start making up this story that we thought he fell off the bull and got it. My brother, who coordinated his bachelor party starts smirking. I knew just then it was a stunt (like my dad was saying). I lost it! I was so pissed. Of all the people who would push me over the edge, I never thought it would be Jay.


When we pull into the Rusty Scupper’s parking lot, I get out of the car and calmly walk into the restaurant. I was very tempted to throw Jay’s grooms cake in his face at this point, but I don’t. I greet my grandmother, say hi to Jay’s parents ad then walk by Jay and say “Outside, now”.

I am sure Jay thought that was the longest walk outside ever. He knew I was fuming. Once we are out the door and around the corner, I let him have it verbally. I told him how upset I was at him for playing a hoax, how he embarrassed me in front of my friends, how he ruined the day for me and how disappointed I was in him.

Throughout the wedding planning process he was by far the calmest individual. He never drove me crazy and never made me feel guilty about my choices. Needless to say, I was VERY disappointed that he thought I would think it was funny. He knew the stress was high and he knew that I planned the majority of the weekend including the Aquarium visit, housing of multiple people, rehearsal and wedding.

After our talk, which Jay claims was a scene (he’s probably right, it was a scene because the Inner Harbor was so busy because of the Sailabration). We joined our party inside. Honestly, I don’t remember most of the lunch. I was still pretty pissed at him.


In the end, the actual lunch went well and Jay didn’t end up with cake all over his face.


Sadly the day did not get any better for Jay. I have to start this second story with our rehearsal day was VERY dramatic, but our actual wedding day went VERY smoothly.

We learned Jay’s best man would not be attending the wedding later that afternoon due to some unforeseen circumstances. Jay’s other two groomsmen were fantastic. They tracked down the missing best man, tried to get him to the wedding last minute and got the full story of why he was not going to be there. While both Jay and I wish his best man could have been there on our wedding day, I just hope that he can figure out what is going on in his life.

Steve, one of the groomsmen, called me first to let me know the best man would not be attending before telling Jay. Jay and I had a feeling that this may happen and actually had a back-up plan. We had previously decided that his friend Luke would do the rings and Steve would do the speech. We had each guy escort their original girl down the aisle and my matron of honor walked by herself. Unless you knew there was supposed to be 3 and 3, you would not have known the best man was missing.

While I was still really pissed at Jay for his stunt earlier, I felt awful for him that his best man would not be there. That evening Jay and I touched base. I have to say he’s a trooper. He was more upset that his best man had not called to say he wouldn’t be there than be upset with him for not being there. They have been through a lot together and his presence at our wedding will in no way affect that part of their relationship. We just hope he returns our phone calls soon to let us know he is ok.

I think that wraps up our exciting day before the wedding. I promise only happiness for the rest of my wrap-up posts.

Did you have a moment that you snapped right before your wedding? What dramatic moments did you have the weekend of your wedding?