Friday, July 13, 2012

The Journey That Never Ends

Before we talk about our journey, let’s do a quick FroYo recap. Yup, tonight Lauren and I met up for a FroYo date. I feel like it has been forever (as in last month) since our last catch-up.


These little dates are great. We both catch each other up on what’s going on, vent a little and get eat some FroYo, what isn’t there to love?

Ok, now onto healthy living. This week I have obviously been very moved by my fellow bloggers. There are just so many great posts out there!!


Yesterday, Gretchen posted about her confessions with weight loss which was in response to Beth's post on the same topic. Gretchen makes a great point:

"At some indistinct point in my future, I will reach the point where I’m content with my body, and effectively, my journey will be over. Except that this kind of journey is never really over."

She is soo right! No one's journey with healthy living is ever over. I think all women struggle with body image and weight in some facet.

me and char

The weekend of my wedding, my friend Charlotte and I ran together. On these runs we spent a lot of time catching-up. One of our topics was feeling comfortable in our own skin. That weekend I exclaimed to her "I love my body right now". Catch that? "right now". And it is so true. During my first draft of this post, I love my body, but I wouldn't be surprised if as I edit this post I will think to my self "yikes I should go on a walk, I ate too much ____ today" (yup, that happened).

Our journey is never over, it changes daily and probably many times throughout the day. Ever since I started working out consistently and watching more closely what I eat, I have found that my own self-esteem has sky-rocketed. I would be lying (and Jay would call me out) if I told you I never complain about my body. Because I do, and if you don’t, please tell me your secret. But usually my complaints follow me overindulging.


What I think is so contrived is how many of us use the term "I feel fat". I know I use it all the time when I don't even really mean it. When I say "I feel fat" I mean "I've slacked off recently, or ate too much last night, or had too many treats and my body is telling or showing me". But let's be real here, I have never been outside the healthy weight range for my height (128 to 160 pounds, according to Weight Watchers). 

So what are we as a healthy living community going to do about it? And trust me I know I am not the first or the last blogger to bring up this topic. But I know that starting today, I am going to try not to say "I feel fat" because it doesn't only affect how I think and feel about myself but it also affects other people. This weekend I take the pledge to change what I say about myself in hopes of helping other people to feel better about themselves.


What do you think, will you pledge to stop the "fat talk"?




What do you think about the healthy living journey, does it ever end?