Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hilary & Paul’s Wedding

First, I want to welcome all my new readers from my guest post over at Eats, Love and Happiness. I was very excited to see Amanda post my guest post on Wednesday so that y’all can get a taste of Wedding Wednesday.

Tonight, I am going to take a break from my wedding planning adventures and tell you about our friend’s, Hilary and Paul’s, wedding that we attended this past weekend.


The whole day was pulled off beautifully! The entire ceremony really reflected them as a couple and was very heartfelt.

Hilary and Paul did a great job of anticipating some of the little things. Hilary made the programs into fans in order to combat the nice little heat wave we have been getting on the east coast. I also heard from the bridesmaids that they wore bug spray for the outside ceremony. It was little things like these that I took mental notes on as Jay and I really start planning our big day.


As I am starting to go dress shopping myself, I really admired Hilary’s dress. She picked out a perfect dress for her and the feel of the wedding. Plus, she looked great in it!!

Just like the ceremony, the reception included a lot of great details. I loved all the family wedding photos!! I plan to do something similar for our big day. Another popular trend right now that I was very unsure of before the wedding was the photo-booth. I am so glad Hilary and Paul had one!! It was soo much fun. Jay and I definitely plan to incorporate something similar in our reception.


What truly amazed me about this wedding was how much time and effort put in to the whole day. Not only did Paul and Hilary’s brothers make the photo-booth, but Hilary made the sweets on the sweet buffet. I have to say my favorite were the hearts with peanut butter. Their cake by Karen Rodkey was by far one of the best cakes I have ever had.


A big congratulations to the happy couple!! We had so much fun celebrating your marriage with you this past weekend!! Enjoy the honeymoon!


What have you learned by attending your friend’s weddings?