Monday, July 12, 2010

Maragaritas and Thanksgiving!

My last day in Orlando was spent in the Parks. We started the day in Epcot experiencing the classics, i.e. Margaritas in Mexico, the Mexico Ride and the Norway ride. Pure Sarah-Char-Bri classics.

When Charlotte headed to work Bri and I breezed through the world showcase, grabbed a bratwurst and headed to Animal Kingdom.

At the Animal Kingdom we just wandered, which was unbelievably nice. At this point, Disney is not new for either of us, so sometimes it is just nice to walk around and take it all in! We went on a few rides or "experiences" and did a few walk through.

Overall, we agreed that Animal Kingdom is a themed zoo that needs more animals.

The best part of our little adventure was the Safari. We showed up at the park right as it was raining. It was a nice Florida rain that cooled us off and cleared out the park! :) The rain also brought out the animals.

I have been on this ride a few times and each time it was slightly disappointing because none of the animals came close to us. But, this time they were all over us! And, it was very very cool. I am so glad we went back!

Around 4 p.m. we headed to the Magic Kingdom to see our friend Charlotte preform. It is always cool to see what your friends do!

Once she got off work, we went to Liberty Tree Tavern for a Thanksgiving style family. The food was amazing, especially the beef. It was also nice to have all the Thanksgiving favorites in July with your friend family. Plus, our waitress was great!

We ended our day with the Magic Carpet ride, Fireworks and the Parade. Overall great day with great friends!